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Ok, Ok, I’ll Go Network…

Today I was reminded that human interaction is always a good thing.  These days it’s much more comfortable for us to sit at the computer and connect virtually.  It means we don’t have to produce much effort in order to feel ‘networked.’

Yet every time I go to a local event in the community, I always leave invigorated/inspired/motivated.  In the digital world we’re in, it’s so easy for us to like, follow,  and connect without having to actually shake hands.  Which – hey – I’m not knocking social networking.  It’s because of Twitter and LinkedIn that I’ve been able to ‘meet’ amazing marketing communications professionals that I may have never met otherwise.

But, there is something special about human interaction and engagement.  Shaking hands, looking people in the eye, and conversing with others truly builds confidence and communication skills.  It also teaches you how to listen and spurs creativity.

So, I stepped out today…even though I didn’t feel much up to “mingling.”  I attended the Knoxville American Marketing Association lunch and heard the engaging TN Tourism Commissioner Susan Whitaker discuss marketing the great state of Tennessee.  I am so glad I went because not only did I get to hear the Commissioner talk about her plans to increase tourism in the state, but I picked up a few new acquaintances as well.   I invited them to connect with me on LinkedIn and already have a coffee date set for next week!  It’s not that hard to build a network, folks.  Shout out to digital strategist Virginia Ingram — she’s cool.  You should follow her on Twitter (@gingin) and check out her website:

I know sometimes I drag my feet when it’s time to be out and about in the community, but like I said, I always feel better after I do.


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