• Ready, Set, Record.

    An article posted on Business2Community.com last week outlined the Online Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2014.   The number one trend mentioned was video content….and I believe it. Video is it right now.  Vlogging, YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, Vine, even Instagram  built in a video option into their app…it’s everywhere.  (Stay tuned for an upcoming post describing these different video platforms in further detail.) What better way for brands to connect with their customers than through this medium. Videos…

  • Social Media 101

    Early next month, I’m presenting a Lunch & Learn to the EnerNex staff – “Social Media 101.” I assume most people know how to navigate through the waters of social media. However, I’ve recently come to realize that what may come quite easily to me in regards to social networking is not always the case for others.

  • The Wesley House Grannies

    Recently I’ve had the privilege to volunteer and become involved with the Wesley House Community Center here in Knoxville. The Wesley House provides academic, emotional, and spiritual support to 78 at-risk inner-city students and fellowship and support to 25 deserving inner-city senior citizens. Their mission is tremendous and the staff, along with the board of directors, are passionate about it.

  • I’m on a Boat.

    I received this in my inbox the other day from the Meetings & Conventions folks. The picture drew me in immediately. Sigh. A cruise in the Bahamas sounds good about right now.

  • #hashtag

    There is an online article in AdAge today titled: “Hashtags Breathe Life Back Into Social Commerce” I do use hashtags from time to time on my social networks, but after reading this article I have a newfound appreciation for them.

  • PRSA Lunch Meeting Re-cap

    I attended the PRSA lunch today at Café 4 in downtown Knoxville. Shout out to Café 4 because they always serve delicious-ness (they have an amazing weekend brunch menu – just sayin’). Today’s format was patterned after a “speed dating” event – where chapter members were able to meet and hear from guest speakers at individual tables. The goal of the meeting was to “reinvigorate your passion for the profession.” And it did just that.

  • Tradeshows: Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

    Your legs are sore. Your feet are blistered. You feel like you’re coming down with a cold because someone just sneezed on you and shook your hand (ew). You’re tired of smiling and being on your best behavior. Ok, I’ll stop. But when I think of a trade show unfortunately those are some of the visuals that come to mind. My griping aside though, trade shows CAN be an effective form of marketing your products and services and connecting with…

  • Putting Heart into Internal Communications

    Solid internal communications is foundational to igniting the love of the brand. For the love of the brand starts with the company’s leadership which in turn ignites the staff. Proper communication channels and direct ways for the employees to feel involved fosters employees who are dedicated to the brand and the company’s mission. Employees want to feel and see the passion from the company’s leaders. In return, those employees are one of the key outlets by which the brand is…

  • A Launch Done Right

    I opened my inbox this morning to find an email from Tory Burch (let me clarify – I’m not that cool just on her mailing list) with the subject line: “Introducing Tory Burch Beauty.” I’ve been seeing promos for her new fragrance and beauty line for weeks now, but to actually receive the email saying it was available for purchase was quite exciting.

  • Launching A Service

    In February 2012, EnerNex expanded its operations with Smart Grid Labs. This was a completely new division both in service and physically as it came with a first floor expansion and remodel at our Knoxville offices. There were several key steps we took in ensuring the launch was successful.