• Trade Show Booth Refresh

    As part of EnerNex’s re-branding, we also needed a new booth design for the multiple trade shows and conferences we attend during the year. The project had three core objectives:

  • Rebranding Sales Sheets

    As part of EnerNex’s rebranding, our team needed new company overview sheets for usage in proposals, networking events, conferences, etc. The new overview sheet format was templated so the team could use it for other written materials. We also had templates made for letterhead, client reports, client memos and PowerPoint presentations to aid the entire company.

  • Making Technical Releases Interesting

    While press releases are a fundamental tool of public relations, sometimes they can be downright boring. Especially when your news is technical in nature. At EnerNex, I’ve developed my own process for making the “hard to grasp” become easier to understand.

  • Press Release Collaboration

    The energy industry is amazing in terms of the partnering and collaboration that goes on to accomplish projects and new innovations. All that collaboration, however, can sometimes make the process to announce a new innovation that much trickier. Not only are you contending with your existing internal bottlenecks but now you need to consider the approval process within other organizations.