Press Release Collaboration

The energy industry is amazing in terms of the partnering and collaboration that goes on to accomplish projects and new innovations. All that collaboration, however, can sometimes make the process to announce a new innovation that much trickier. Not only are you contending with your existing internal bottlenecks but now you need to consider the approval process within other organizations.

Having served as the PR lead on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, I’ve learned a good deal about getting a release passed through other companies including the government.

Tips on a Swift Release Review Process

  • Prior to sending the release, give the the PR contact a heads up on when to expect it.
  • Give the involved parties at least 2 weeks, if possible, to review the draft and include the tentative date of release.
  • Set a deadline for revisions and be sure to send friendly reminders along the way.





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