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A Launch Done Right

I opened my inbox this morning to find an email from Tory Burch (let me clarify – I’m not that cool just on her mailing list) with the subject line: “Introducing Tory Burch Beauty.”

Tory Burch Beauty lineI’ve been seeing promos for her new fragrance and beauty line for weeks now, but to actually receive the email saying it was available for purchase was quite exciting. Check out her online store here.

Upon clicking the email I was instantly intrigued. Obviously, the polished classy e-blast sucks me in (every time). But, as I scrolled through the email I was thrilled to discover a video announcement. Where I actually heard from Tory herself. I watched her talk in brief pockets of video about the creation of the fragrance and describe the scents she incorporated. She shared her thought process behind the classic packaging of the bottle and a brief glimpse into how she defines beauty (which is so clearly communicated through her fashion line). Sigh. So lovely. The presentation and promotion somehow moves me to want to buy it based on those things alone without even smelling it first!

I am an avid Tory Burch follower. Her brand and overall image is fresh, clean, timeless; her clothing, shoes, and accessories clearly reflect such. But just as impressive is the way she connects with her customers. Her clientele become engaged in a relationship with the brand…with her. She is actively involved in Instagram and Pinterest (I follow her there too!). At the bottom of the emails (which are not too frequent and are timed quite nicely), she has a call to action. You can tweet, pin, google +, YouTube, subscribe, Facebook —- I mean she’s on it all. But in a very cohesive, unified way. She gets consumers talking about her brand, sharing their excitement and love of the new fragrance through whatever means of social media they are involved in.

Tory has created an interactive, social, and emotional experience with her audience. That’s one of the main reasons she has such a loyal fan base and repeat customers. Well, that and the fact her clothing line is to die for.

We, as PR and marketing professionals, can take a page out of her book. TB is doing it right. Are we engaged in a dialogue with our clients? Do we meet them where they are? Meaning what avenues and social media venues are they tapped into —- and do we have a presence there?

Some things to think about.

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