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Putting Heart into Internal Communications

Solid internal communications is foundational to igniting the love of the brand. For the love of the brand starts with the company’s leadership which in turn ignites the staff. Proper communication channels and direct ways for the employees to feel involved fosters employees who are dedicated to the brand and the company’s mission. Employees want to feel and see the passion from the company’s leaders. In return, those employees are one of the key outlets by which the brand is preached and promoted.

What does internal communications look like? It can be in the form of…
• a monthly newsletter (electronic or hardcopy depending on the environment) that features company successes, highlights a new employee, and promotes internal company events. It’s a way to circulate news within the company.
• an intranet that is a warehouse for policies, procedures, online request forms, departmental updates, and up and coming news. An online platform is a way for company information to be accessible – it shows that the company is organized and in tune to the needs of the staff.
• company-wide staff meetings, as well departmental or division meetings (set on a reoccurring calendar). Not only is it important for the staff to see and hear from the manager, it’s important for them to hear from the executive leadership of the company. The employees want to be involved and connected – meeting face-to-face outweighs virtual communication usually any day of the week.
• social media interaction. Employee blogs, Instagram posts, and private Facebook groups are a few ways for employees to connect with each other and build a network.

As a PR and Marketing Manager, it’s my job to ensure the staff know what’s going on, feel connected to one another, and engaged with the company. Another way to promote internal communications is by distributing an employee satisfaction survey. This will allow the staff to have an outlet to voice their opinions and be heard. One more example of how senior management is in touch with their employees while promoting a sense of brand connectedness.

So, here’s the question: are you putting the heart into internal communications?

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