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I’m on a Boat.

cruiseI received this in my inbox the other day from the Meetings & Conventions folks. The picture drew me in immediately. Sigh. A cruise in the Bahamas sounds good about right now.

After a short-lived day dream…
I started thinking this random steam of thoughts. I figured I would share.
A conference on a cruise ship. Interesting concept. And I kind of dig it. It’s like a mini get-away that’s also productive. I, of course, would be counting down till free time. Wait, I wonder if it would be too much of a distraction to have a professional corporate meeting/workshop on a ship…in the Bahamas…hmmmm.

With the cruise line industry facing heat in recent months due to issues ranging from power outages to wrecking at sea, this may be an attempt for them to reclaim business and increase ticket sales. Pitching their cruise ship as a meeting destination may just prove a good move for them. But, I have to wonder if those same ship issues I’ve mentioned would deter people from attending the meeting. Something the event planner would have to weigh and possibly pole the prospect attendees for their opinions on whether that would influence their decision to participate.

Have you attended a conference on a cruise ship? I would be interested to hear about the experience from an attendee’s perspective. As of right now, I’m thinking…sign me up…

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