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Social Media 101

Early next month, I’m presenting a Lunch & Learn to the EnerNex staff – “Social Media 101.”
I assume most people know how to navigate through the waters of social media. However, I’ve recently come to realize that what may come quite easily to me in regards to social networking is not always the case for others.
This Lunch & Learn’s aim is to help my coworkers come up to speed on the topic. I plan to cover the following items:

  • Social media: why it’s an important and influential piece of marketing.
  • The two social networking outlets EnerNex is involved in and why. (Just because there are a million different online communities, doesn’t mean that EnerNex needs to be present on all of them. I have chosen LinkedIn and Twitter because that makes sense for what we sell and who we sell to. I’ll get into that a little bit here.)
  • A brief overview on how to use both tools. I’ll walk through how to share updates on LinkedIn, how to participate in the EnerNex company page on LinkedIn, and how to tweet.
  • A review of our social media policy – which includes appropriate personal social media use.

Fellow PR and Marketing professionals, when is the last time you’ve briefed your colleagues on social networking and provided a simple how-to training? The virtual landscape is always changing and it’s part of our job to keep up with the digital trends and remain fluent in the social media language. Let us not forget that those we work with may not have ‘social media strategy’ in their job description.

Every now and then it is important to share our knowledge. Because in the end, the staff’s involvement on these social media channels reflects on the company’s brand. It’s in our best interest, as well as the company’s interest, for employees to have the basic know-how.

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