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Ready, Set, Record.

An article posted on last week outlined the Online Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2014.   The number one trend mentioned was video content….and I believe it.

Video is it right now.  Vlogging, YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, Vine, even Instagram  built in a video option into their app…it’s everywhere.  (Stay tuned for an upcoming post describing these different video platforms in further detail.)

What better way for brands to connect with their customers than through this medium. Videos capture our attention.  They can make a person, place, or thing relatable.  Videos can be powerful; they can provoke emotion.

And as the author of the article pointed out – “video marketing isn’t as expensive as it use to be” – which further fuels the case for companies to engage in this form of communication with their customers.  Small companies with a tight marketing budget may be intimidated by the thought of video production.  However, with the ease of the iPhone and so many other video platforms, apps, and tools out there creating a video a.k.a a short commercial doesn’t have to take much.  In that vein, it may be an advantageous and cost-effective form of marketing depending on what you’re selling and whom you’re selling to. 

I foresee video shorts being a vital part of brand storytelling moving into 2014.  It’s all about the brand “communicating passion” (like how I slid that in there…) to their market and creating followers – loyal brand believers.  Videos can help companies do that.  I suspect we’ll see more and more companies,  both big and small, with video spots featured on their websites and on various social media channels all in an effort to showcase what they got that their customers want.

You’ve probably seen the viral video  Volvo Trucks released of Jean-Claude Van Damme carrying out his famous split.  Talk about a WOW moment.  

Here are some videos that have caught my eye recently:

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